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Est. 2022

Big Dogs Baseball was created to serve players and families who feel like something is missing from their youth baseball experience

Full Service

Skill development - Performance Training - Nutrition - Rehab - Mentorship


Quality, Professional Instructors - High Tech Facility - Year-Round Support - Appropriate Rest Periods


Flexible Program Options - Family-Focused Schedules

Big Dogs Baseball Club helps players and families identify the right program to support their young ballplayers' dreams, whatever they may be. From ambitious players to beginners, we have a program for you! Each program is carefully designed to make the most of your time and resources.


Big Dogs was established in the Fall of 2022 to showcase the quality of the instruction, performance programs, and facilities at 365 Academy in San Rafael. We offer a diverse set of player development programs for ballplayers who want to get ahead of their competition. 

Our Facilities

Meet The Team

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